(Q1) Can your company design any mirror of my choosing?
(A1) Yes, all we need from you is a rough sketch of what you have in mind along with the dimensions and we will do the rest.

(Q2) How long does delivery take?
(A2) Your parcel will be dispatched the same day of your purchase via courier to your door. Delivery takes around 2 to 3 days and the courier company will phone to make arrangements before delivery takes place.

(Q3) Are all your mirrors hand crafted?
(A3) All our mirrors are crafted by hand, our large mirrors take up to 8 hours to complete.

(Q4) How long will the special promotion be running for?
(A4) Our current promotion will only be running for a short period of time. When the current promotion ends normal prices will reflect immediately on our website and unfortunately no exception will be made once the promotion has ended. If you Snooze you Loose

(Q5) Is the 45 day full money back guarantee and free delivery also included with the current special promotion?
(A5) Yes, free delivery via Courier and the full 45 day money back guarantee is included in our special promotion.

(Q6) How do I place an order?
(A6) Pay Fast is our Secure Payment Gateway. You may pay with your Debit or Credit card. Pay fast is registered with all the major banks in South Africa if you would like to pay via EFT. For direct payments to our account via EFT or direct deposit please move your cursor to the Buy Online link at the top of this page and our Offline Payments link will appear.